"This Gate Hangs High and Hinders none, Come vittle Yorself then move along"

Dating back to 1542, our Inn is the oldest continually licensed premises in Lincolnshire.

Originally known as "Leeds Gate Inn", the name was changed about 100 years ago to “The Leagate Inn” and thus it shall remain.

The inn is the last of the fen guide houses built to guide travellers safely across the treacherous fens and the signal torch mounted on the east gable can be seen to this day.

The plaques in the fireplaces commemorate the serving of the last meal prepared for convicted criminals who were subsequently hanged on the Gibbet outside the Inn, in what is known as Gibbet Nook Close.

If you have the time, it is well worth taking the opportunity to admire our beautiful ancient Yew Tree, which is said to predate the inn and still stands tall and healthy for our lovely patrons to enjoy.

Many stories about the Inn have been passed down through the years and generations. My family have had the privilege of being caretakers of this wonderful inn since 1st November, 1983 and I am proud to be the third generation to have its care as we approach the end of our fourth decade in charge. For those who might be interested, I would be happy to relate what we have learnt of its history.

Our celebrated home-made food uses fresh, local and seasonal produce and I hope it will help you enjoy your visit to our historic inn. I aim to repay your visit with our renowned hospitality, so make yourself at home and enjoy being one of the many travellers who have eaten and drunk within these walls over the last five hundred years.